Self Publish?

I am a new author. Or rather I am an old author and I have been an author for some time. But I am now approaching the point where my manuscript is being finally revised, and I am considering how to bring it to publication.

I thought about the traditional route. Well actually I have been thinking about it for years. But I have grown to love this story that has developed within me and with me and I don’t know if I could just let go of it for the sake of money. Of course that would rather depend in any case on whether any publisher would pay for it. But assuming they did. What would they want to do to it? Beyond just editing it I mean. Would it still be my story after they had insisted on changes to names and places, even the plot?

And who am I writing for? Am I writing a product or am I expressing and expelling some literary spirit which is within me and which insists on pouring out onto the page whether anyone reads it or not?

So I am attracted to the idea of using the self publish route. Not vanity publishing. I don’t need to have hundreds of copies of books no-one wants. But I think I will choose to self publish. I have already looked at major players like Lulu, but that is rather expensive when all the services I might require are included, or too basic if they are not. I am rather inclined to use Getting Yourself Published. They have information about their self publish packages, and it seems that they strike a good balance between cost and services as a means of an author getting published.

I’ll write more soon.

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